KESHA Single “Praying”

I have thoughts about Kesha’s new single. Why you may not know that i pay alot of attention to Kesha, but i do. I started paying attention to (then) Ke$ha because that is really just my style of music and i thought it sounded fantastic (you may be learning alot of new things about me […]

Interaction with Hauerwas: Initial hypothesis and issues related to Christian pacifism

I have begun to read War and the American Difference by Stanley Hauerwaus (PhD, Yale University) who is currently serving as the Gilbet T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics at Duke University. I picked this book because my mom gave it to me for Christmas (thanks mom).  I have other books on this subject, but they […]

Introducing: patristoration

Welcome to patristoration it is a blog run by me: I’m the guy standing on the table Nomenclature: “patristoration” is a smash up of the words “patristics” and “restoration.” It was chosen because my favorite area for study and discussion is the restoration of patristic tenor and content in modern theology.  Many of my posts […]