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Introducing: patristoration

Welcome to patristoration it is a blog run by me:

I’m the guy standing on the table


“patristoration” is a smash up of the words “patristics” and “restoration.” It was chosen because my favorite area for study and discussion is the restoration of patristic tenor and content in modern theology.  Many of my posts will not relate directly to these areas, but they will generally concern theology, history, or ethics; all of which i hope will be thoroughly informed by the patristic ethos and writings.  At some point i will try provide a rationale for regarding patristic thought so highly

What to expect:

I am a seminary student and i go back and forth between reading things that i am profoundly interested in and things that i could not care less about.  For this reason posts may be sporadic.  I will not keep an outline of subjects and points to cover.  Instead, i will only post when i am caught up in a particular issue, writing, or social event.  This means that i will always be profoundly interested in thinking critically about each subject addressed in this blog and eagerly desire the criticism, correction, or confrontation from readers.

My Goal:

Here, i will be attempting to hammer out my thoughts on various topics of interest.  I hope to turn my own vague clouds of mental discourse into concretized first-steps in the learning process.   In doing so, i hope to attract the interaction of my 1.5 friends who may be (moderately-at-best) interested in taking the time to read the things that i write.


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